Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman (Premium Pilsner) is a naturally ripened beer. Its high quality is determined through the raw materials selected with…



Arthur (Old Ale) has a full malt body that give it its distinct character. The beer gets its smooth sweet…



Eden (Forbidden Fruit) is a beer specialty of rare complexity, brewed from an age-old recipe, with a secret blend of…



Nova (Light Beer) is a light beer, with a natural light taste and thirst quenching character. Alcohol percentage: 2.0% vol. Preferred…


We are Narratus, beer brewers and storytellers.

Our aim is to combine those passions into a single activity by brewing beers adapted perfectly to those occasions where stories are told and made.

By concentrating on making our products fit the occasion, tastes, stories and other local conditions we hope to succeed at supplying a product that will be regarded as the best.

But also by thoroughly incorporating IT into our business processes and by keeping our production processes lean, but adaptable, we hope to keep our prices at levels suitable to our customers’ expectations and as such help win their hearts.